Why create LibertarianSocial.com?

A lot of libertarians don’t want to use traditional social media out of privacy concerns, here at LibertarianSocial.com we don’t collect personal information or share it with 3rd parties. Also, LibertarianSocial is a blog and social network so all members can make blog post to the sites blog making a hive of libertarian publishing. Got an opinion express it here.

I have to wait for approval?

To prevent spam, we have it setup that you must wait for approval before you can post to groups and on the blog. To make sure you get approved please setup your profile and profile photo (helps us know your not a robot).

How do I post to the blog?

Once your logged in you can use the bar at the top to create a new article. Once you create it share it on social media, popular content can win contest and prizes.