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Understanding “I identify as…”

It’s been many years that I have not been able to understand English. Now we have the verb “to identify” used without an object. Once, I could say, “I identify that stolen radio as mine,” but now we say “I identify as…” The dictionary definition of that usage ( is: 7. to associate oneself in feeling, interest, action, etc., with a specified group or belief system (usually followed by as or with): He identifies as bisexual. She identifies with feminism. My family identifies Hispanic. 8. to experience psychological identification: The audience identified with the play’s characters. But what does that mean?…

GDP, Taxes and Spending

A lot of people trying to make arguments for a growing nanny state will cite statistics looking at taxing and spending as a % of GDP. This can be very misleading because a countries poor policy can make its GDP relatively smaller thus making numbers as a % look larger, and a more successful economy with have a relatively larger…

Europe and the Free Market

by Alex Merced When you hear left wing politicians like Bernie Sander and Hillary Clinton argue for policies that require forced transfers of wealth (high taxes with generous welfare programs), they often site European nations as countries who have succeeded with these types of policies? Do these countries truly combine the level of regulations, taxes and welfare that many people…

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